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Customer case

Customer case: Works very well, good insurance, similar functionality to standard home polarity/ground checker

Writer: admin Time:2023-11-21 17:13:02 Browse:21℃

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Roberto says

This works exactly like a standard outlet polarity/ground checker, with the added benefit that it provides surge protection and that it is in line with your power source.Installation of this is quite simple, just plug this into the power source you will be using for your trailer/RV, read the lights to determine if there are any issues with the electrical, then plug in your RV/trailer power electrical cord into the device of all is ok, at which point you are also getting surge protection.It comes with a lock/cable to secure the device but I frankly don't see the value in it. If someone is going to get close enough to steal this from my trailer/RV, the lock/wire will not be enough of a deterrent, in my opinion.One item that was a bit of a mystery to me is that it came with a large clear plastic bag, not entirely sure what this was for since no instructions are included beyond what's on the sticker of the plug, and box.