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How to make enterprises have sustainable competitiveness is a topic that many hardware enterprises are thinking about. As a result, the concept of "big hardware manufacturing" has been gradually mentioned by enterprises and experts in the hardware industry on various occasions, and the voice of integrating the hardware manufacturing industry is also growing. The hardware industry mainly becomes a product through the change of physical shape of metal raw materials, processing and assembly. As long as the industrial field takes the assembly of metal parts as the main process, it belongs to the category of hardware industry. If we expand the concept of hardware manufacturing to the whole manufacturing field and consider the development of the hardware industry from the height of manufacturing industry, the concept of "big hardware manufacturing" arises from this: from the mining and refining of metal materials to the manufacturing of primary metal products to the manufacturing of general production equipment, and then to the manufacturing of special equipment in various industries of the national economy, which is a production activity in the whole industrial chain, Can be called "big hardware manufacturing".