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Customer case

Customer case: Great value for the money

Writer: admin Time:2023-11-21 17:04:51 Browse:10℃

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Chris Pupka says:

I've had my eye on a surge protector for my RV since I bought it, but just never pulled the trigger as they are usually $120-$200 depending on the brand and features. This one comes in at half that and has all the features I needed.The packaging was simple, just the device, some cardboard filler, instructions, and the bag with the lock and cable. Thankfully, no blister pack as those are just a pain. :)Set up is simple as you can imagine. You plug this into a 30A plug and plug your RV into it. Before you plug in your RV you can check the status lights to make sure the shore power is wired correctly. All the information you need is printed on the front of display. The illumination of the lights doesn't show in my pictures, but the two outside yellow lights are lit indicating proper wiring and the blue light is lit indication that I have surge protection. That's it, that is the operation.I like that there is a ring to hang this to keep it off the ground and the included lock and cable are a nice touch as these are the types of things that can grow legs on a campground. One drawback is that the opening on the bottom of the splash guard isn't large enough for the newer RV plugs and extension cords so it doesn't close all the way. I don't think this will be a problem, but it would be nice to have that close all the way.I'm running this at my house for now as we are a month out from our first camping trip. I'll update this if there is anything new, but for now, I'm very happy.