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RV Adapter Cord

RV Boat Marine dogbone Plug 5-15P to L5-30R

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30 amp to 110 adapter

  • [Cord Rating]: MALE Plug 15Amp is NEMA 5-15, 125V. FEMALE Receptacle plug 30Amp is NEMA L5-30R, Rated for 125V/250V max rate 3750 watts, 10/3 gauge STW wire.

  • [Twist Locking Female] 30 Amp female locking connector is a molded plug with a threaded ring for a weatherproof connection.

  • For use the RV is equipped with a 30 AMP twist lock power inlet and needs to plug into a 15 AMP power source.

Maximize the reliability and efficiency of your power connections with our premium 1-foot STW 10AWG yellow extension cord. 

Engineered for high-performance power delivery, this robust cable features a durable 15-amp male plug to a 30-amp female connector, perfect for a wide range of electrical needs. 

The heavy-duty construction is designed to withstand the toughest environments, while the bright yellow color ensures high visibility for safety. 

Ideal for outdoor use, RVs, generators, or any industrial applications where a secure and stable power supply is a must. 

The compact 1-foot length minimizes excess slack and ensures a tidy setup. Invest in quality with our reliable and user-friendly extension cord, expertly crafted to provide a seamless power experience.

30amp to 110 adapter

rv 30 amp to 110 adapter

Twist Locking Receptacle

30A Female locking connector is a watertight molded plug with a threaded ring for a weatherproof connection

Design For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Hard service cord for general use (600 Volt).

Thermoplastic insulated and jacketed.

Proved for outdoor use.