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RV Adapter Cord

RV 50 amp to 15 amp Home Electrical Outlet

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  • [Cord Rating]: MALE Plug 15Amp is NEMA 5-15, 125V. FEMALE Receptacle plug 50 Amp is NEMA 14-50R, Rated for 125V/250V max rate 12500 watts, 10/3 gauge STW wire.

  • [Power Converter]: For use when the RV is equipped with 50 AMP power inlet and needs to plug into 15 AMP power source.

  • [Molded Plug]: Designed with ergonomic grip handles to safely and easily plug and unplug connectors.


Design For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Hard service cord for general use (600 Volt).

Thermoplastic insulated and jacketed.

Proved for outdoor use.


Weather Resistant

Made of a heavy-duty vinyl jacket this cord is safe from the elements, dust resists moisture, abrasion, and prolonged exposure to sunlight.



All-copper wires, no play or movement in contacts, perfect for heavy-duty performance.


Ergonomic Grip Design

Designed with an ergonomic power handle for safe and easy plugging and unplugging.

We're committed to sustainability

This is why we've included a bag for storage, reducing the use of plastic packaging. Additionally, we've added a practical extension cord holder to help you organize your garage or storage area.

Product Features

  • Design For Indoor & Outdoor Use

  • Rated for 125V/3750W

  • Ergonomic Grip Design

  • Weather Resistant

  • ETL listed

Product Usage Scenarios:

Campground Camping: RV owners use this adapter to connect their RVs to 15-amp electrical hookups at campgrounds for basic power needs.

Boondocking: In off-grid scenarios where 50-amp connections aren't available, users rely on this adapter to access lower power sources without overloading their electrical systems.

Emergency Backup: Some users may keep this adapter on hand as a backup for home power outages, allowing them to use their RVs as temporary power sources.

Tailgating and Events: RVs are commonly used for tailgating at sports events or concerts. This adapter allows users to power entertainment and cooking equipment.