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2X 5-15 Plug Male to Generator Twist Lock L14-30 Female

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240v to 120v adapter

  • MALE Rating: 10AWG 5-15P Double male Max 15Amp For Each 125V 3 Prong

  • FEMALE Rating: Generator NEMA L14-30 Receptacle 4 Prong 30 AMP 125V / 250V.

  • If you connect it to two outlets on different phases of the panel, you will have a total of 30 amps of capacity at 240v. If you connect it to two outlets on the same phase of the panel, you will have two 15 or 20-amp, 120v circuits on one cord.

  • Molded plug, copper wiring coated wire, heavy-duty flame retardant, UV-resistant, STW indoor/outdoor water-resistant PVC jacket.

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Extend Working Range

Compatible with most generators on the market, extend your working range.

Design For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Hard service cord for general use (600 Volt).

Thermoplastic insulated and jacketed.

Proved for outdoor use.

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